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1. Over 15 years professional manufacture experience. We know better to your needs.

2. One-stop Service of Custom mold design from Initial drawing design, Material selection assistance, Mold structure/Mold flow analysis, Trial & mass production to Final assembly & shipment. To ensure you get finished products with good assembly function.

3. High skilled and well-trained working team under good management environment. → To make sure high quality of your products.

4. Large and strong production capacity. → To meet your high demands very well.

5.Best price based on same quality requirements. →To help your project with most economical solution.

6. We have very strict quality control process as below. → To deliver the qualified products for you.
In coming Quality control (IQC) : All incoming raw material are checked before used.
In process quality control (IPQC) : Perform inspections during the manufacturing process.
Final quality control (FQC) : All finished goods are inspected according to our quality standard for each products.
Outgoing Quality Control (OQC) : Our QC team will 100% full inspection before it goes out for shipment.

7.Reliable Package & flexible in-time delivery. →To guarantee the product are well received in your side.

8. 24 hours on-line service with quick response. → To support your any inquiry or question.

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We help each your concept into metal products

Just send your drawings,All customized for you!

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Types of materials we can do:

Gray Iron;Ductile Iron;Aluminum;Steel;Stainless Steel;Copper;Zinc

Type of castings we can do:

Sand Casting;Die Casting;Investment Casting;Permanent Mold Casting;Shell Casting;Lost Wax Casting;Forging;Stamping

Product Application:

Machinery Accessories;Agriculture Machinery Parts;Valve;Pump;Impeller;Construction Machine Parts;Transportation System Parts;Other industry Parts……

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