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SINCERITY                             QUALITY                             COMPEPENCE                             ENTERPRISING

Company Overview(图2)Matech industry ltd. is a manufacturer specialized in Custom Metal Parts in China.We are located in Shanghai,our factory is only 200 kilometers away from Shanghai Port.

We have more than 15 year’s experiences of casting manufacturing and export.Providing one-stop service (casting + precision machining + surface treatment + heat treatment), to save time and costs and reduce risk of quality control for you.Welcome your inquiry at any time.

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Company Overview(图3)

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MATECH can provide one-stop service from mould, wool from blank, processing, surface treatment, packaging to shipping.

And we can provide customers with professional and efficient technical support:

A pair of experienced professional engineers-One service to satisfy customers.According to the customized needs of users, a more comprehensive evaluation and consideration of the whole project body.

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Our casting capacity is around 1500 tons per month. We have 20 machining centers and 15 CNC lathes, to meet your purchasing demand of large quantity. During the early involvement of the customer's design process we are giving professional input to our customers in terms of process feasibility, cost reduction and function approach. 

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Matech has a complete strict quality assurance system, having passed ISO 9001 and SGS Verified certifications successfully as well. Besides we can provide product quality inspection reports when shipping, including material composition and size reports and mechanical properties, which is convenient for customers to refer to and check key dimensions to ensure better quality.

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We help each your concept into metal products

Just send your drawings,All customized for you!

Types of materials we can do:

Gray Iron;Ductile Iron;Aluminum;Steel;Stainless Steel;Copper;Zinc

Type of castings we can do:

Sand Casting;Die Casting;Investment Casting;Permanent Mold Casting;Shell Casting;Lost Wax Casting;Forging;Stamping

Product Application:

Machinery Accessories;Agriculture Machinery Parts;Valve;Pump;Impeller;Construction Machine Parts;Transportation System Parts;Other industry Parts……

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